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Specialised services
of full site remediation.

Scaled to large development lots and sensitive sites.


Commercial Demolition.

LandClean work with a number of commercial enterprises and Government project teams with long history of decommissioning of obsolete industrial and commercial sites. The demolition of commercial office and residential structures as well as public infrastructure, the deconstruction of, hospitals, academic and high density mixed-use precincts involving strict traffic management, emissions, noise and vibration controls to ensure that residential amenity and commercial trading operations remain uninterrupted. Our Industrial Division is an experienced provider of decommissioning of fuel systems in accordance with AS4976 in a wide range of market sectors.

LandClean provide complete remediation and demolition services in preparation for environmental site owners, facilities managers and tenants.

  • Onsite bulk tank demolition
  • Above ground and underground tank removal disposal and certification
  • Gas freeing
  • Disposal of residue fuels oil and water waste
  • Pipeline chasing and capping
  • Explosive atmosphere testing
  • Environmental validationIn-situ abandonment
  • Reporting to environmental management register
  • DA submissions and EPA reporting

Site Remediation.

Bayside demolition provide systems and safety processes that have been developed to protect the community and environment. Equiped and experienced in providing full soil remediation and soil cleaning solutions with a range of treatment processes systems, Bayside's team of qualified environmental scientists can test and manage any contaminated soils or groundwater which may be encountered in conjunction with the works and carry out soil remediation and cleaning of contaminated soil and land in line with EPA and WorkSafe regulations

We assist clients with preparing a site in accordance with the environmental guidelines to effect a sale or achieve approvals to enable the site to be used for a higher and better use.


Asbestos Resolution.

Our certified and experienced team are able to assess and develop unique strategies to ensure the safe and prompt removal of any and all asbestos resolution. Our assessment team are well versed in identifying and assessing the quantity and volume of asbestos, take into account procedures necessary as asbestos can be located in several different forms throughout a building or dwelling. Other verification methods in settled dust sampling and asbestos air testing. A independent third licensed asbestos assessor play an integral part in our system insuring particularly for friable asbestos removal work.


Clearance certification.

The purpose of the asbestos clearance certificate is to ensure that all visible asbestos fragments posing significant health risk have been removed.